October 19, 2016

Touring: Kurt Vile solo

Kurt Vile sold out
Artwork by Ben Montero, layout by Carl Breitkreuz

Mistletone very proudly presents Kurt Vile, returning to Australia for a supreme solo tour.


  • PERTH: Monday February 27 @ Perth Festival. Tickets on sale now*SELLING FAST!
  • PERTH: Tuesday February 28 @ Perth Festival * SOLD OUT!
  • SYDNEY: Friday 3rd March @ Taronga Zoo. Supported by Mick Turner. Tickets via Taronga Zoo*SELLING FAST!
  • MELBOURNE: Saturday 4th March @ Melbourne Zoo. Supported by Mick Turner. *SOLD OUT!
  • MEENIYAN: Sunday 5th March @ Meeniyan Town Hall. Supported by Jess Ribeiro. * SOLD OUT!
  • BRISBANE: Thursday 9th March @ Queensland Performing Arts Centre. Supported by Mick Turner. Tickets via Qpac.
  • MELBOURNE: Friday 10th March @ Northcote Social Club. Supported by Lost Animal + Tammy Haider. * SOLD OUT!
  • MEREDITH: Saturday 11th March @ Golden Plains Festival. * SOLD OUT!
  • TASMANIA: Sunday 12th March @ A Festival Called Panama. *SOLD OUT!
  • ADELAIDE: Tuesday 14th March + Thursday 16th March @ Adelaide Festival. Ticket info via website.
  • “The music is quiet and the melody, like a hymn, folds in on itself, and embraces full strength in a sexy, floating forcelessness that slowly gathers into a wave that doesn’t go where you think it will” – KIM GORDON
  • “The former forklift driver is now one of the most adored artists around. He has a canon of cool songs: feelgood, insightful, reflective, comforting, jubilant tunes. It’s been a slow burn, but he hasn’t put a foot wrong – he’s one of only a few that you’d trust to still be making cool music decades from now. Give Kurt Vile’s music some little chunks of your life and you will be rewarded. Handsomely” – AUNTY MEREDITH

Since releasing his debut solo album Constant Hitmaker in 2008, Kurt Vile has ascended to an elevated stature as one of the most accomplished and charismatic songwriters of our time. A firm favourite with Australian audiences, KV has packed out rooms across Australia (including Sydney Opera House earlier this year, with his band The Violators).

Kurt’s latest album b’lieve i’m goin down…, released last year via Matador / Remote Control, won universal acclaim; The AV Club called “the purest distillation of Vile’s idiosyncratic style to date”, and Pitchfork bestowed it Best New Music, noting: “Kurt Vile has a persona, and you know him by now: He is the weird quiet kid in the corner, the one who seems at first lost in his own world and disconnected from everything around him, but turns out to be smart, observant, and low-key hilarious. So while his albums draw you in with the vibe—the impeccably recorded and mixed songs that shuffle bits of folk, new wave, or country in the mix but are always squarely down-the-middle rock—you return to them for their human qualities, the way they offer a manner of seeing the world, a glimpse at a perspective that feels both voyeuristic and easy to connect to your own life.”


Last year, Kurt told Rolling Stone that he wanted b’lieve i’m goin down… “to sound like it’s on my couch”, citing Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush as a reference point. “Not in a lo-fi way,” he explained, “just more unguarded and vulnerable. I wanted it to feel like I was on a couch in a familiar living room even if I was somewhere else. To me, it’s sort of that home vibe that I had to capture somehow…to make it sound like it was played there in the room.

This intimate and immediate power that Kurt Vile’s songs possess is one of the qualities that KV fans hold dear to their hearts, and it will be in generous supply on this rare and auspicious occasion of a Kurt Vile solo tour.

Kurt’s friend Mick Turner will be opening for him at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, Melbourne Zooand Queensland Performing Arts Centre, performing his highly acclaimed solo work. Mick Turner has had a dynamic and celebrated career as founding member of Dirty Three and simultaneously with his solo project, releasing four LPs on the iconic US label Drag City (Bill Callahan, Joanna Newsom, Ty Segall) with The Australian labelling him “one of Australia’s most distinctive guitarists.

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