The music of Bachelorette (AKA Annabel Alpers) is what might happen were you to toss 70s psychedelia, 80s electro-pop, 90s shoegaze and 00s electronica into a blender and turn it to ‘high’. A strange, enveloping tangle of synthesised melody and claustrophobic texture built around Alpers’ raw and endlessly multi-layered voice, Bachelorette will take you on a sonic journey to a universe sustained by the logic of androids, cities, waveforms and love.

Bachelorette, the third album by New Zealand’s Annabel Alpers, aka Bachelorette is out now on Mistletone Records / Inertia. Bachelorette is available on Mistletone mail order, together with Bachelorette’s previous albums My Electric Family (2009) and Isolation Loops (2007). Listen here to Blanket, the first single from this amazing album.

  • “Playful in parts, solemn, and sombre, this is a deep, dense weave of rich psychedelic pop… Alpers closes the book on Bachelorette at the height of the project’s powers” MUSIC AUSTRALIA GUIDE
  • Bachelorette is its own universe… the whole package is pulsing with life.MESS +NOISE
  • “Infused with the radiophonic experiments of the 60s & the synth innovations of the 70s and 80s and a distinct interpretation of pop classicism that is Annabel’s alone… This self-titled work represents in some ways a culmination of all the Bachelorette material recorded to date; a brilliant balance of consonance and dissonace the lingers in the imagination and demands repeated listens.TRIPLE R Album of the Week
  • “There’s always been a peculiar warmth to the analog synths and the drowsy, shivering harmonies, but there are more frequent bursts of humanity when xylophones, guitars and whistling filter through the radiophonic state” BEAT
  • “A swirling mix of folky introspection, driving, Kosmische repetition, and undulating drones. The constant throughout is Kiwi Annabel Alpers beautiful voice, an otherworldly croon that’s gospel-like in its devotion.”TWO THOUSAND
  • “Alpers is making music like few others, a one-of-a-kind blend of electronics and folk lyricism”DRUM MEDIA
  • “Few exponents of electronic pop create albums as original and enduring as (Bachelorette)… a refinement of her already prodigious talent for vocal harmonies over infatuating synth hooks” SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

We visualise the music of Bachelorette beaming through distant star systems, gliding and bouncing through a matrix of coolly illuminated neural pathways. Yet, all the songs on her new album were written on Earth: Radley, UK; Tripoli, Libya; Millwood, VA; Brooklyn, NYC and back home in NZ. Annabel Alpers (the heart behind Bachelorette’s machine) is no sky-bound jet-trash. Her new, self-titled album has a corporeal, sensual tangibility. If you were a fan of Isolation Loops (2006) and My Electric Family (2009), you will be touched and torched once again by her deep-space solitude and the soulful ache that radiates from her best songs.

Annabel Alpers dreams the trappings of her electro psych pop – melody, minimal lines of synth and harmony vocal ‒ and then brings the complex shades of this vision into our world through her music. Changing geography doesn’t actually change the conditions that we live in. Wherever you go, there you are, right? However, everywhere is somewhere, and all the traveling done in the last year or so of Bachelorette’s life has to seep somehow into her rich-toned amalgamation of sounds. When organic waves enter her work ‒ as cathedral chimes did in Oxford – they return swathed in a lunar halo.

Bachelorette is epic from its very genesis. Hovering over a fluttering blanket of voices, a ghostly vision of the future is distilled with the same seductive inevitability of a Greek oracle in “Grow Old With Me.” With the controls to her destiny thus programmed, Annabel gestures toward an alien visitation ‒ or is it an all-too- human introspection? Her metaphors are a strong tonic, entertaining with their surfaces while the sounds race to your heart. Bachelorette’s great triumph is that her abundant pop melodies displace any hesitations incurred by such a complex undertaking. Whether wandering through the labyrinth of your own consciousness or embarking on journey through some segment of this terra, you will feel a kinship.

Recorded around the world and mixed with Nicholas Vernhes at Rare Book Room (Animal Collective, Baby Dee, Dirty Projectors, et cetera) in Brooklyn, the tracks of Bachelorette are built on buzzing synth grooves, folky guitar strums, and the occasional snap of drums and percussion ‒ aided and abetted by a whimsical, searching sense of instrumental color. We are guided through the darkness of infinite space by Bachelorette’s luminescent lead vocal. Sing along!

Drum Media interview:


“A wonderful surprise… Though Bachelorette has a clear lineage with Dunedin bands such as Look Blue Go Purple and The Clean, her modern style is thoroughly her creation.” – THE WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN **** four stars

“My Electric Family is the sound of spring. Completely uplifting, it is bright and it is beautiful, without downplaying any of its intelligence. Just glorious.” – DRUM MEDIA

“A second album that is truly ready for the limelight… My Electric Family is about as refreshing and full of ideas as they come” – INPRESS

“Shimmering new album… adds a new warmth, dynamism and depth to her once lonely sound” – MUSIC AUSTRALIA GUIDE

“Her songs remain as intimate, charming and innovative as ever” – BEAT

“Bachelorette’s sonic landscape is rich, dense and fulfilling… just gorgeous “ – RAVE

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