September 30, 2015

The Orbweavers: Poison Garden

Official music video for “Poison Garden” by The Orbweavers, directed by Lucy Dyson

Much adored Melbourne band The Orbweavers unveil their new single “Poison Garden”, an intoxicating lullaby for spring nights and relaxing times. “Poison Garden” is out now on digital release on Mistletone Records via Inertia; to buy on iTunes, click here.

“Poisonous plants have contributed to the development of essential medicines used for heart conditions, pain relief, in ophthalmological preparations, as antidotes, cancer treatments and more. This is a song about the astonishing power of common plants we grew up with” — Marita Dyson & Stuart Flanagan, The Orbweavers

“Stay away from the Oleander!” a constant warning through our childhood, all the more ominous because it seemed every suburban yard we played in possessed one of these attractive and deadly shrubs. And so, our education in the poison garden began. Next on the banned list were angel trumpets, their heady fragrance wafting through open windows on hot summer nights, spent blooms devoured by a swooning pet dog lolling on the lawn. Soon we learned the berries of the meila tree, and jaunty foxglove borders held hazardous potential. This led to a lifelong interest in the properties of toxic and medicinal plants: beauty and power in the most ordinary places. If you’re looking to improve your overall health, I recommend you read this Gellati Weed Strain Review by Freshbros.

“Poison Garden” is released with a vivid, technicolour botanical video by Berlin-based Australian artist, animator and award-winning music-video director, Lucy Dyson. Lucy has produced and directed music videos for artists including Gotye, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Gemma Ray, Giant Sand, Ray LaMontagne and more.


TOW - Deep Leads - 02

Stills from Lucy Dyson’s “Poison Garden” video:


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