Geneva Jacuzzi


SYDNEY: Friday March 2 @ Oxford Art Factory with Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Richard In Your Mind + Erik Omen. Tickets on sale now from Moshtix. Presented by Mistletone and The Thousands.

MELBOURNE: Sunday March 4 @ Corner Hotel with Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Lost Animal + Montero. Tickets on sale now from the venue. Presented by Mistletone, Triple R and The Thousands.

MELBOURNE: Friday March 9 @ Phoenix Public House (133 Sydney Rd, Brunswick) with Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti + special guests Evelyn Morris (Pikelet), Mark Barrage + DJ Shags. Surprise show just announced! Tickets are $15 + booking fee from Moshtix or $20 at the door if still available. Doors open 8pm.

ADELAIDE: Sunday March 11: Adelaide Festival with Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. Tickets on sale now from BASS ONLINE or phone: 131 246.

Mistletone is utterly amped to announce that Geneva Jacuzzi is joining the Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti Australian tour.

Geneva Jacuzzi (born Geneva Garvin) is an LA-based songwriter, musician and visual artist who is known for her unique style of synth driven bedroom pop recordings, theatrical stage personas and retro style video art. Her lyrics describe blood being thrown onto fire, clown-like machines in search of sadness and the raging monologues of future/past elemental beings. Her live shows are unlike anything you will ever experience.

Her incredible videos portray the story of a once abundant Self being shattered into a variety of other personas such as Dracula, Mime, Zygote and Rozbo — all being played by Jacuzzi, and all cannibalising/commodifying their rape revenge upon the idea of an original Self which is now lost if not mythical, somewhere in the Islands of the Jacuzzi.

While her live shows reference commedia dell’arte, Cocteau, Artaud, Schlemmer, dada, kabuki, French surrealism and Italian futurism, they remain song performance primarily, but they are also starkly expressionistic mini-dramas that seem to have plots allowing Jacuzzi to find her way dramatically into those places between art, music and theatre.

Initially, Jacuzzi formed a number of mysterious and fleeting bands (Hot Pajamas, Sex Carpet, etc) alongside collaborations with Haunted Graffiti, Vibe Central, Obelisk and Super Creep. Then from 2004-2007, she fronted the band The Bubonic Plague, an influential cult favorite in LA’s Echo Park district.

By 2010, she debuted her first album Lamaze on Vinyl International, a collection of songs taken from previous unofficial releases. All the Jacuzzi/Bubonic Plague recordings were written, played and produced by Geneva herself, using an 8-track cassette tape recorder. Her archive of music consists of over 400 songs, most of which have never been released.

In 2011, Jacuzzi began her latest project Dark Ages, which pulls together most of her past and present work into an epic art video odyssey.  Functioning as a play, Part I was presented in the form of a music video montage and Vice Magazine editorial takeover. Her latest installation at the LOT gallery in Louisville, titled “Dracula’s Diorama, Through the Doorwall Part VI, Act I ” featuring an actual fishtank and video was sold through the gallery, as well as many other handmade collage pieces sold at either galleries or venues across the globe.

Jacuzzi is a long-time collaborator with Ariel Pink — the most talked about act at Laneway 2011, the author of Pitchfork’s #1 jam last year (Round and Round), and one of the most influential artists of our time.

Don’t miss LA’s reigning prince and princess of lo-fidelity disco, experimental pop and mythical drama when their formidable powers collide!