Andrew Tuttle

Brisbane/Meanjin ambient producer and banjo player Andrew Tuttle‘s gorgeous new album Fleeting Adventure is out now on Mistletone/ Inertia locally and Basin Rock (UK/Europe). Mail orders now shipping for opaque green vinyl and CD; here.


BRISBANE: Sunday 4 September: MONO @ The Old Museum with Chris Abrahams, Chuck Johnson (USA). Tickets here.
SYDNEY: Thursday 22 September @ Phoenix Central Park (two shows, 6:30pm & 8:15pm). Tickets here.

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Fleeting Adventure is THE essential banjo-ambient-new-age record of 2022! this dreamy album features a stellar crew of fellow travellers including Steve Gunn, Chuck Johnson, Luke Schneider and Balmorhea navigating a cosmic trip into subtropical landscapes.

  • “Entirely instrumental, it’s essentially a soundscape driven and shaped by Tuttle’s artful, melodic banjo, but set amid a widescreen wash of electronica, guitar, violin and more. Opener Overnight’s a Weekend is almost thunderous, an ominous soundtrack looking for a film. With some wonderful pedal steel parts from Nashville innovators Luke Schneider and Chuck Johnson, much of Fleeting Adventure conjures up images of a Tennessee prairie, though it’s as much the shimmering vastness of Australia’s outback that’s being evoked” – THE GUARDIAN ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • “We hear Tuttle broadcasting signals through the ether and his friends answering back, a marvellous and heartening call-and-response. Made in the thick of a global pandemic, with the players often locked down in their respective locations, the results aren’t simply a wonder of modern technology. They’re downright miraculous” – UNCUT MAGAZINE 8/10 FEATURE REVIEW
  • “Australia’s King of Ambient Banjo is back! Tuttle’s métier is a sort of balmy ambient Americana, his reveries located in the suburbs of his Brisbane hometown; tranquil and beautiful, but relatable rather than otherworldly” – MOJO MAGAZINE ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • “The result is like a soundtrack to the desert at night: awe-inspiring and somehow optimistic” –  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ THE TIMES UK
  • “The supremely good Fleeting Adventure is a celebration album, an expression of gratitude by Tuttle and friends” – 4zzz FEATURE ALBUM
  • “Tuttle’s been releasing essential works for years now, but this album seems to be his most expansive yet, a multi-national celebration of sound that’s comforting and calm. It’s a big album, that feels small and personal, a feat that might have been fumbled in lesser hands” – RAVEN SINGS THE BLUES (UK)
  • “If Tuttle hadn’t picked up his five-string banjo and acoustic guitar, he might have been a photographer, for it’s his vision of the world that’s so alluring. He can find beauty in the commonplace… The accompanying video by M.C Schmidt captures the rising sun, overlaid with images that include a child running and leaping free, birds gliding across the sky…cast in an orange glow, it’s a beautiful visual response to Tuttle’s music. This is music you want to wake to” – FOLK RADIO (UK)
  • “Ambient cosmic country that glows with comfort and warmth” – BANDCAMP NEW AND NOTABLE

Watch the  “New Breakfast Habit” video by M.C. Schmidt (Matmos) below:

Andrew “Tutts” Tuttle is a best-kept secret of the Australian musical underground – ambient producer, banjo player, songwriter, composer and improviser who has toured collaborated with Matmos, Steve Gunn, Calexico, Ryley Walker, Julia Holter, Hauschka, Forest Swords, OM, Deradoorian, Omar Souleyman, Tiny Ruins, et al.

Andrew Tuttle’s music exists serenely and purposefully in a space where the five-string banjo and the six-string acoustic guitar weave in and out of processed electronics. Like time-lapse photography, it unfolds its colours and textures with an astonishing gracefulness and wonderment.Fleeting Adventure is a musical adventure through a reimagined journey. Golden plucks of banjo, gauzy electronics and cosmic guitar shimmer into gloriously expansive melodies that conjure peace and space, comfort and wonder.

As time continues to warp in a decade of uncertainty, life itself feels like a fleeting adventure. Our worlds are smaller and our little lives more fragile. The music made by Andrew Tuttle trickles into the cracks of the pandemic-frazzled psyche like the first rains on bushfire-scarred country. Golden plucks of banjo, gauzy electronics and cosmic guitar shimmer into gloriously expansive melodies that conjure peace and space, comfort and wonder.

A deepening sense of life, love, health, loss, and luck shaped the outlines of Tuttle’s fifth, and most collaborative album to date, Fleeting Adventure. Following a surprising exhilaration and exhaustion from the hitherto most innocuous of moments in mid-2020 – a half-hour drive to collect an online order, the furthest distance he’d traveled in months; Tuttle commenced working on new musical ideas loosely based around navigating the aftermaths and interregnums of a restless era.

While previously a feature of Tuttle’s music, the exploration of space and texture found within Fleeting Adventure feels particularly vast and generous. The generous involvement of Chuck Johnson and Lawrence English mixing and mastering this album respectively, as with their work on Tuttle’s previous and breakthrough album Alexandra (Room40, 2020), inspired Tutts to develop songs that are as serene and patient as he’s ever sounded. 

Tutts labels the process as a “reverse doom-scroll”, a celebration of so many small interactions that took place because of the changing world; the idea that an adventure doesn’t necessarily have to be a grand statement. Community, connection and collaboration are their own rewards. And so, Fleeting Adventure is absolutely that – a true musical adventure through a reimagined journey.

photos: Naomi Lee Beveridge
artwork: George Gillies