Sharon Van Etten


We at Mistletone are overjoyed that Sharon Van Etten — or Shazza, as we like to call her in this hemisphere — and her stunning band, are coming back to Australia in March for Golden Plains Number Nine (March 7-9). Sign up for the ticket ballot here.

For all the attention that was paid to her 2012 break-through Tramp, Sharon Van Etten is an artist with a manifest hunger to turn another corner. Writing from free-flowing emotional honesty and vulnerability, she creates a bond with the listener that few contemporary musicians can match. Compelled by a restless spirit, Sharon Van Etten is continuously challenging herself, and has outdone herself this year with Are We There; a self-produced album of exceptional intimacy, sublime generosity and immense breadth. She sings of the nature of desire, memory, of being lost, emptiness, of promises and loyalty, fear and change, of healing and the true self, violence and sanctuary, waiting, of silence. The artist who speaks in such a voice is urging us to do something, to take hold and to go deeper. Here’s hoping she brings the personalised tissues which have graced her merch desks overseas…

Below, some sweet live footage of Sharon Van Etten performing Tarifa at Cafe De Le Danse in Paris, filmed by Valerie Toumayan: