March 7, 2008


Mistletone is as proud as punch to have just released Alegranza!, the amazing debut by Barcelona-based artist El Guincho!

El Guincho is Pablo Díaz-Reixa. He was born november 17th of 1983 in the always sunny Canary Islands (Spain). He went to music school as a kid but then left at the age of 14 to become a soccer or tennis star. Fortunately, he failed at both!

After some nomadic experiencies around Europe, he arrived to Barcelona at age twenty, started a hip hop project called Los Feriantes, played drums in the freestyle jam band Dead Man on Campus and finally formed Coconot with his cousin on guitar.

As Coconot he released “Novo Tropicalismo Errado” in February 2006 as a result of two years of non-stop listening to Tropicália and Kraut-Rock records. After a year of touring with the band, he came up with the idea of El Guincho and recorded Alegranza to much acclaim of the media and the fans.

It was released in the last days of December 2007 and went out of print in Spain in less than a month. His popularity is rising to heady heights all around the world with a cult status thanks to constant blog posts and mouth to ear to mouth to ear and the record topped the lists of the most important spanish music magazines.

Alegranza is a mix of afro-beat percussion, calypso harmonies, psych tropicália, world music samplers, doo wop, trance repetition, underwater pop, steel drums and island feeling plus club oriented song structures, uptempo beats and exotica production.

El Guincho’s live set is a unique experience too. People call it “amazonic rave” and they are right. Just his voice, a floor tom, some percussions and his Pandora’s box of samplers. Mind blowing and 200% danceable. Must see before you die!

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