Beach House

Artwork by Victoria Legrand, design by Rick Milovanovic.


Mistletone, triple j and Street Press Australia present Beach House, returning to Australia in the wake of their majestic fourth album Bloom. Beach House bring their epic live show to the art deco surrounds of The Enmore Theatre (Sydney), The Forum Theatre (Melbourne) and The Tivoli Theatre (Brisbane). Tickets on sale now.

  • “It’s presumptuous but not farfetched to predict that 2013 will be the year of Beach House. Just like the Arcade Fire two years ago—best album Grammy, sold out world tours, deluxe album reissue—Beach House seems poised for mainstream success. Bloom, the Baltimore duo’s fourth LP, sold more than 40,000 copies the first week it was released, and for good reason. The album has all the hallmarks of a pop masterpiece: simple arrangements, hummable melodies, universal lyrics and the right amount of edge to appeal to a range of musical tastes. Bloom‘s success can also be attributed to timing: the album came out just as a new wave of dream pop artists seemed to be reaching their height in popularity. At its core, Beach House’s music owes much to dream pop progenitors like Cocteau Twins and Mazzy Star, though without the noise and disaffection of those bands’ work. The pretty, ethereal, slow-tempo songs that make up the bulk of Bloom, carried by Victoria Lagrand’s smoky voice, seem both evocative of the past and embracing of the future. It’s a formula that’s bound to earn Beach House new fans and even more acclaim in the days ahead”POPMATTERS #4, Best Albums of 2012

Bloom is the fourth album by Beach House, a/k/a Baltimore duo Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand.  A sublime experience matched only by the intensity of Beach House’s stunning live show, Bloom offers a singular, unified vision of the world.  The album transcends the banality of simple emotions to arrive at a realm of honesty and complexity, and soberly reveals how frightening and temporary, yet beautiful, our existence is.

The devotion of Beach House’s growing community of listeners has deepened with each album (Beach House: 2006, Devotion: 2008 and Teen Dream: 2010, all released locally on Mistletone Records). The heady atmosphere of Beach House’s performance, coupled with the power of Victoria Legrand’s incredible voice, make every Beach House concert a swoon-inducing shared space, laden with romance and heightened emotions.

“When I stop finding things to be fascinating and beautiful, that’s when I’ll stop” – Victoria Legrand

Supported by triple j and Street Press Australia.

  • Bloom lives up to all expectations, coming in grand waves of organ drone, guitar wash, muffled percussion and Legrand’s full-blooded voice”THE AGE (4.5 stars)
  • “This is a release that creeps under your skin and stays there; beautifully dense and seriously captivating”triple j (Feature Album)
  • “Functioning as a novel rather than a collection of short stories, Bloom is the lovesongs-and-dedications template for those with 20/40 vision”DAILY TELEGRAPH (4 stars)
  • “Lullaby cadences, guitar mirages, low, stalwart organs and bass; melodic tensions and sweeping release, emotions amplified by the methodical pace at which they’re unfurled”THE BRAG (Album of the Week – 4 stars)
  • “The most delightfully satisfying expression of their music yet, and could well be dream pop’s new definitive gesture”BEAT (Album of the Week – 4 stars)
  • “Beach House have an indefinable something that makes their music rise above their humble set-up to transcendent heights”- THE BIG ISSUE – 4 stars
  • “Perfectly moody, shimmering pop… Bloom is proof that the hype about the band last year was well deserved” – ROLLING STONE AUSTRALIA (4 stars)
  • Bloom is inspiring, and what it delivers is stunning, musical genius” – MUSIC FEEDS
  • “An intrepid slow burn of shimmering synths, guitars and melancholy vocals. Sounds like the musical incarnation of a Sofia Coppola film” – YEN MAGAZINE
  • “Another step closer to perfection” – DRUM MEDIA (Album of the Week)
  • “By just about every measure, Bloom‘s wingspan is fuller than anything Beach House have done before… Bloom is what these 10 songs do, each one starting with the sizzle of a lit fuse and at some fine moment exploding like a firework in slow motion.””PITCHFORK (Best New Music, 9.1 score)


Beach House’s fourth studio album Bloom is out now on Mistletone / Inertia in CD, vinyl and digital formats with a few very limited t-shirt bundles remaining on Mistletone mail order. The album is released internationally via Sub Pop (USA), Bella Union (UK/Europe) and Arts and Crafts (Mexico).

Like Beach House’s previous releases (Beach House in 2006, Devotion in 2008, Teen Dream in 2010, all released locally on Mistletone and available on mail order), it further develops their distinctive sound yet stands apart as a new piece of work.

The landscape of Bloom was largely designed on the road, between the countless sound checks and myriad experiences during two years of tour. Throughout this period, melodies, chords, rhythms, words, and textures surfaced in moments of their own choosing. These spontaneous ideas were later gathered and developed in Baltimore, where the band lives and works.

Bloom was then recorded in late 2011 over a period of seven weeks at Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, Texas and mixed for another two at Electric Lady in NYC. The band co-produced the record with Chris Coady.

Bloom is meant to be experienced as an ALBUM. “Many songs were omitted or dropped because they lacked a place within our vision for this album,” notes Scally.

Though not stripped down, the many layers of Bloom are uncomplicated and meticulously constructed to ensure that there is no waste. Each chord and melody performs its role to form a whole. The songs have depth and reveal themselves in new ways through repeated listening.

To this Legrand adds, “Bloom is a journey. For me, it is about the irreplaceable power of imagination as it relates to the intense experience of living. A bloom is only temporary… a fleeting vision of life in all its intensity and color, beautiful even if only for a moment.”


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